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Web Application Component Toolkit

The Web Application Component Toolkit is a framework for creating web applications. WACT facilitates a modular approach where individual, independent or reusable components may be integrated into a larger web application. WACT assists in implementing the Model View Controller pattern and the related Domain Model, Template View, Front Controller and Application Controller patterns.

The WACT framework is developed with the philosophy of continuous refactoring and Unit Testing. WACT encourages these activities in applications based on the framework. WACT uses Simple Test as a unit testing framework.

WACT emphasizes writing secure web applications. See Web Application Security for more information.


WACT Documentation Philosophy describes the relationship between this Wiki and the API documentation. WACT Version 0.2 Documentation contains documentation for WACT version 0.2.

Core WACT Programming Concepts


General PHP Programming

PHP Patterns

For additional information on patterns in php, see Enterprise Patterns or


The current version of WACT requires PHP 5 and has not been yet been released. This version is available from Subversion.

How to get WACT via SVN.

Older versions are available from the WACT file release page.


Mailing Lists

Subscribe to the Announcements Mailing List for major announcements about WACT. Subscribe to the Development Mailing List for help using WACT or to participate in its development.

IRC Channel

There is a #wact irc channel available on FreeNode.



Learn more about the WACT Development Team.


The WACT Package Breakdown shows what the future has in store.


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